Questions & Answers

Development of effective partnerships often takes time and considerable resources and goodwill to achieve the expected benefits. Here are some typical questions that the person responsible for the success of the partnership will face:

Q: What funding opportunities can support my project?

A: Applying for funding can be complex and researching the options will take time. There will be different funding programmes to suit different projects. For instance, do you need revenue or capital funding? How many people are you employing? Is it appropriate to go for short term support or do you need a big scale grant? There is a range of funding opportunities but only a few may be appropriate.

Q: What are the implications to my organisation if we access funding?

A: Each funding opportunity has its own financial and administrative implications and you need to check these out carefully. Whether the project will continue to succeed depends on your auditing, costing and financial control. You will need to continue checking defined aims and objectives to ensure you are sticking to your remit.

Q: Why do I need a partnership?

A: Even the largest organisation cannot do everything by itself and funding programmes often stipulate that you must involve other organisations. The European Union requires partnerships with more than one Member State. Other organisations bring skills, experience and resources to your project, making it more viable.

Q: What are the key features of a well-managed project?

A: An awareness of the funding programme regulations and financial systems make the project run smoothly. Also, well-managed projects have chosen the best funding method for them, ensuring that funding doesn't run out. A well chosen partnership with good management skills will also make a project more successful.

Q: How do I ensure there is a clear audit trail of all activities and expenditure?

A: If you are the lead partner, the buck stops with you and you must ensure you get everything right from the start. You need to work closely with your partners to ensure recording, management and control systems are in place right at the beginning.

Q: What systems do I need to ensure are in place?

A: You should have adequate project management, administration and finance staff with the ability to record all the project activities and related expenditure. It is vital to set up a project steering group to ensure the project goes in the right direction and its performance is monitored. You need comprehensive audit systems and a good system of feedback.

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