Robert Bentley Managing Director

About us

'Our mission is to transform ideas into action. We develop innovative solutions to business and social problems.

We provide finance and marketing services designed to help small and medium sized enterprises grow, reduce costs and become more profitable.

We also help community organisations realise their key projects through our advice and expertise in accessing or building capital funds for new ventures or vital projects and services.

We have a formidable success rate of 66% for accessing UK and European funding.

Over 12 years, we’ve won over £40m for our clients for business start-up and growth, promoting innovation and community development.

We have also helped establish vital employment and skills development projects across many industry sectors.'

Robert Bentley, Managing Director

We help you concentrate on what you do best

If your organisation needs some original thinking to help achieve a solution or overcome a difficulty, the chances are WP will be able to help. Our track record across public, private and third sectors means we can draw on a huge range of experience and connections that can support you.

What Sets Us Apart

A key strength is our extensive funding knowledge. We prepare quality grant applications for UK and European funding, arrange flexible loan finance, develop business plans and prepare proposals to apply for investment from business angels and crowd funding sites.

We apply our knowledge of the public sector to act as an intermediary between the public, private and community/voluntary sectors, offering valuable insight of their respective ethos and drivers.

We help improve public service delivery by providing innovative, deliverable solutions underpinned by robust research and practical experience.

Equally we help our clients respond to business opportunities through identifying public tender opportunities and help prepare high quality tender responses.